Warminster Township 2017 Paving Information

As warmer weather is upon us, the Public Works Department is gearing up for road improvements in some areas of the township. The following locations will be paved in 2017

Acorn Drive (From Willow Drive To Hopwood Drive)
Carr Way (From Valley Road To Acorn Drive)
Hampton Lane (From Hopwood Drive To Cooper Drive)
Miranda Lane (From Hopwood Drive To Cooper Drive)
Bradley Lane (From Hopwood Drive To Cooper Drive)
Foster Road (From Hopwood Drive To Delmont Avenue)
Nevark Road (From Hopwood Drive To Delmont Avenue)
Harris Lane (From Acorn Drive To Norfolk Road)
Pheasant Drive (From Acorn Drive To Tally Ho Drive)
Hopwood Drive (From Street Road To Harris Lane)
Rettop Place (From Nevark Road To Harris Lane)
Cooper Drive (From Street Road To Nevark Road)
Tally Ho Drive (From Willow Drive To Nevark Road)
Willow Drive (From Kingsley Drive To Pheasant Drive)
Willow Drive (From County Line Road To Kingsley Drive)
Beverly Road (From Delmont Avenue To Victoria Road)

The program includes the resurfacing of more than 5 miles of roads and the construction of 50 new ADA compliant curb ramps. There will be 2 sub-contractors working in conjunction with the Warminster Township Public Works Department this year. The milling sub and the ramp construction sub. The Public Works crews will be responsible for the placement of over 7200 tons of asphalt after milling is completed.

Attached is a list of guidelines that was given to the sub-contractors at the pre-construction meeting. Please refer to the guidelines for answers to questions you may have regarding work days, work hours, road closures, etc. (Click Here For The Contractor Guidelines Road Program 05-2017).

The curb ramp sub will begin this week and will be working in these areas for at least the next 6-8 weeks. The milling sub schedule is not yet determined, however, we have requested a start date of no later than 5/15/17.

Thank you for our cooperation as we work towards improving our community.