4/6 – 4-10 WEEK IN REVIEW

Legislation to Reduce Township Supervisor Term Lenth Introduced, UCC Third Party Agency Legislation, Help Shape Pennsylvania’s Transportation System, and more! Click here to read more.


PSATS Grassroots Members,

It has just come to our attention that we made a mistake in Friday’s Week In Review Newsletter. The recently introduced legislation regarding township supervisor term length would reduce the number of years in a term from six to two, not six to four. We apologize for the inconvenience and the corrected text is below.

Legislation to Reduce Township Supervisor Term Length Introduced
HB 864 (PN 1059), would amend the Second Class Township Code to reduce the number of years in a township supervisor’s term from six to two. This legislation would not change the term length of supervisors currently in office, but would take effect after the next municipal election.

PSATS is opposed to this legislation and we are asking all township officials to contact their representatives to urge them to oppose this proposal. Townships with questions on this legislation are encouraged to contact PSATS Legislative Analyst Melissa Morgan at (717) 763-0930 ext. 178 or mmorgan@psats.org.