Board of Supervisors Response to WMA Letter

The Board of Supervisors regrets that the Warminster Municipal Authority decided to send out their recent letter to customers regarding the January 18, 2018 meeting. The Board has made no decisions on the disposition of the water and sewer system. The Township is faced with difficult financial choices and it is our duty to investigate the sale of assets.

The letter described drastic increases in rates if the system is sold to a for-profit company. Warminster Township has not had any discussions with any water company about selling the system. If there is a sale, the Township will take into account all factors including rates. Rates are an important factor in any discussion since the Authority has already substantially increased water rates. The scare tactics used by the Authority are unappreciated and not in the best interest of the public.
Additional statements found on the Authority’s website such as “A sale of WTMA should raise concerns on your part regarding water quality…” are equally egregious. Any implication that the Board of Supervisors would do anything to jeopardize or diminish the quality of water is false.

The Board of Supervisors is committed to investigating all options and making the best decision for the Township. We welcome any feedback during this process but we will not condone scare tactics or false propaganda. The waste of ratepayer funds on the inflammatory letter sent by the Authority should not be repeated.