Holiday Fire Safety Message

The causes relating to fires, fire injuries, and fire deaths present a clear message about Holiday Fire Safety and how we can become more vigilant. Information that comes directly from the Warminster Fire Department and Hartsville Fire Company, as well as all Fire Departments throughout the United States is collected, analyzed, and shared by the United States Fire Administration. 

Please take the time to read the information provided regarding Holiday Fire Safety and become a key partner in preventing home fires in Warminster Township.

Candle Fire Facts and Safety

Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Winter Holiday Safety With Candles

Remember that there is little time to escape a fire; a working smoke detector can give you the needed seconds to escape. Is your smoke detector working? The best smoke detector protection is when all smoke detectors are interconnected. Wired and Wireless interconnected smoke detectors are a great gift idea for the holiday season.

Joe Velten
Director of Emergency Management & Services
Fire Marshal