Merry Christmas Twin Town

Posted: 12/3/13

Warminster, PA received a Christmas Card from our Twin Town Warminster, UK this morning! Check it out…

“Merry Christmas to all in Warminster, PA from Warminster, England.
We thought that you might like to receive a ‘photo Christmas card’ showing our Christmas parade to switch on the Christmas lights in our main shopping street, the Market Place. This happened last Saturday, November 30, and was led by our Town Crier, Phil Seddon. Immediately behind Phil in the photograph is the samba band from the Roman city of Bath, which is just a few minutes drive from Warminster, and hundreds of school children and their parents carrying lanterns.
As well as wishing everyone in Warminster PA a Merry Christmas we also wish you a Very Prosperous and Happy New Year.”
Christmas Card from Warminster England from Warminster Web