Message From The Township Manager

There have been a number of questions and comments about the possible sale of the Warminster Township Municipal Authority (WTMA). The WTMA provides sewer and water service to the Township and some smaller areas outside of Warminster. Due to the ongoing structural budget deficit the Township has, we are looking at ways to fix our financial issues in a manner that won’t lead to extreme tax increases. The sale of WMA may be a way to generate enough revenue to fund our pension plan and take other steps to stabilize our finances.

At the moment there are ongoing internal, staff-led discussions regarding this matter. We are planning to have PFM, which is a firm that handles these types of transactions, make a presentation to the Board of Supervisors at their next meeting which is at 7PM on 12/21/17 and is open to the public. The Board will have the option to use PFM to take the next step by gathering information and estimating a value for the WTMA. We are very early in this process and there are multiple steps the Board must take to complete its due diligence. The entire process could take one to two years.

Many of the concerns we’ve seen expressed are shared by us including water quality, the future of existing WTMA employees, and rates. At this point, we are just in the exploratory phase and are not in a position to answer specific questions. We also want to be clear that the Board has not made any decision on this matter and that the process will need to continue to determine if this is in the best interest of the Township and its taxpayers.

Again, we are just starting to explore this idea and we have a long way to go to determine the best course of action. We welcome everyone’s input as we continue the process and gather all the information we can to make an informed decision.