Mosquito Spray in Warminster 8/29/16

The Bucks County Department of Health as part of the Bucks County West Nile Prevention Program will conduct an adult mosquito spray on Monday, August 29, weather permitting, in Warminster township.

The spray will be limited to specific areas of the township. The rain date for the event will be Tuesday, August 30.

In Warminster Township, Health Dept. technicians will spray in the Warminster Heights section including Van Horn Dr, Adams Ave, Baird St, Craven St, Mercer St, Elmwood Ave, Ferry St, Walk St, Yeates St, Gilbert St, Holt Terrace, Jamison St, Ulmar St, Luther St, Tompkins St, Sharon St, Knight St, Noble St, Hart St, Grier St, Potter St, Fenton St, Evans St, Downey Dr, Rush St, Shield St, Allen St, and Tennent St.. For more information visit The Bucks County Department of Health can be reached at 215-345-3318.