PECO Update

Posted: 11/21/13

[On behalf of Peco-Energy]

PECOs contractor, Grid One will begin to install new digital meters on residential customers homes in Warminster Township the first week of December.  Customers will receive written communication from PECO prior to meter installation.  Forty five days prior to installation, customers will receive a letter notifying them that Grid One will be doing the install and providing a telephone number they can call if they have questions Customers will receive a second letter, twenty one days prior to installation again, to remind them that installation is coming.  The day before installation customers receive an automated telephone call about the installation.  The day of installation the Grid One installer will attempt a door knock before the installation and will leave a card after installation.  Customers will have a brief interruption (less than fifteen minutes) when the existing meter is pulled and the new meter is installed.

Grid One employees will be in uniform, with safety equipment and possess ID.  They will operate small pickup trucks or small utility vans, white in color, with Grid One, a PECO contractor displayed on the vehicle.  PECO crews will also be in the general area of the installations.  Meter installations have been going very well.  More than 800,000 meters have been installed to date.   If customers have questions about the new digital meter technology, you can refer them to the following website to obtain information, , or they can call 1-855-741-9011 for additional information.