Pokémon Go in the Parks

– Get Up, Get Out & Explore!
Pokémon Go gamers have taken over the parks! While we invite players, young and old, to enjoy this fun and active pastime, we want you play safely. As you walk through the real world, especially public parks, your smart phone notifies you of Pokémon characters nearby that can be captured. The Pokémon website stresses safety and reminds players that they should never play Pokémon Go while on a bike, driving a car, riding a skateboard, or doing anything else where you should be paying attention. Walking is the best way to catch them, so while playing in the parks, be sure that you:

Stay to the right on trails, so that bikers, walkers and runners can get around you.

If you are gathering with a bunch of friends to compare captures at a designated PokeStop or Gym, please step off the trail altogether to prevent accidents.

If crossing a trail to capture a character, please be sure that you look both ways before stepping across the trail.

During these hot days, be sure to carry water with you. WCP is over 240 acres and characters are everywhere! Water refills are available at the pavilion water fountain.

If you bring your dog, be sure that they are on a leash, have water, and also stay to the right.

Be alert at all times and stay aware of your surroundings. If you respond to a “lure” module, be extra careful and away from secluded or isolated areas.

Warminster Parks are open dawn to dusk – If you are found in the park after dark, you risk being cited by our police department.

So get on your feet to find and catch the wild Pokémon!