Township Roads

From: Warminster Township Public Works Department
To: Travelling motorists in the Warminster Township area
Re: Hazardous potholes

Due to recent wet weather and temperature fluctuations, there is a growing number of potholes on the roads in Warminster Township. This situation is not exclusive to Warminster, as PennDOT and other local Municipalities throughout the region are working hard to address the hundreds of potholes in a timely and efficient manner. Local asphalt plants are closed for maintenance during the winter months, therefore, road crews are using a patching material that is temporary and not as durable as plant mixed asphalt. This can sometimes cause potholes to reoccur in the same area.

Warminster Township Public Works has designated 2 pot hole filling crews per day for this entire week to remedy the situation. The Township encourages motorists to use extra caution when travelling during this time to ensure their safety and the safety of the crew members working on the road.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Eric Hinz