Warminster Municipal Authority Suspected Scam

On May 5, 2016 Warminster Police Department responded to multiple reports of suspicious suspects claiming to work for the Warminster Water Authority. Warminster Police are investigating the subjects and instances surrounding their behavior.

Victims report that individuals claiming to be from the Warminster Water Authority knocked on their door and explained that the water to the home would be shut off unless the resident paid a substantial amount of money in cash or by personal check. There were also reports that the subjects were trying to open doors to some residences as well.

Please be advised that if the water authority were to discontinue service it would only take place after several verified warnings. Warminster municipal employees DO NOT wear uniforms however will carry valid identification (attached) and will also operate a Warminster Water Authority truck (picture attached). Should there be any question to the validity of any authority employee residents are urged to call 911 and report the suspicious activity and or individuals.

Below are the description attained so far:

#1 W/M Late 20-30’s Short gray goatee, glasses, dark blue pocket shirt and work boots. This subject approached a home, knocked and asked for cash or check.
#2 W/M very tan, heavy set wearing a blue T- shirt and jeans. This subject hovered near the water meter pretending to read numbers.
# B/M 6 foot tall, thin build, curly hair and wearing a blue collared shirt and jeans. This subject was observed running from a residence after attempting the handle of a door at which point the
homeowners dog began to bark.

#1 Older Model Blue Ford F-150 NO MARKINGS however the vehicle did have a large rusted dent above the rear driver side wheel and a plastic clear license plate cover which was scratched and dirty.
#2 Black Jeep (unknown make or model)

Anyone who observes any of these individuals or vehicles in their neighborhood is urged to contact
Warminster Police at 215.443.5000 or 911.

For full details, PD Press WMA 051116 UPDATED