Rules for Use


PARK HOURS: 7:00 AM – Sunset, (weather & conditions permitting)

To ensure safety & good times for all, please strictly observe the following rules & regulations.
Those found in violation will lose Bark Park/Paw Pass privileges without a refund.

1. Utilize the Bark Park in a responsible manner at all times!

2. All persons and dogs utilizing the park must be registered with the Township. All dogs must have valid County licenses and current rabies shots prior to use. If violations are detected, your privileges will be revoked & you could be subject to a fine. Please note that access cards are for use only by registered individuals and registered dogs.

3. The Bark Park applicant/owner of any dog(s) assumes all liability for damages suffered by anyone who is bitten or injured by the applicant/owner’s dog while utilizing the park, or any dog that you have allowed to enter the park with your pass. You will be subject to the loss of your Paw

4. Remove leashes only in the designated ‘unleash area.’

5. Dogs must be supervised at all times by persons eighteen (18) years or older.

6. No unattended dogs are permitted in the park at any time - abandoning animals is prohibited by law.

7. No more than two (2) dogs per person are permitted at one time in the park.

8. Accompany & monitor your dogs closely at all times - always have a leash available & ready for use as may be required. If your dog is involved in an incident with another dog, both owners should complete statements and send them to Parks & Recreation or contact Animal Control within 24 hours.

9. No children under the age of eighteen (18) years are permitted in the park, unless they are accompanied by an adult. No children under 10 are permitted in the park.

10. Please clean up after yourself & your dogs – biodegradable scoop bags are available in the park.

11. Aggressive dogs are prohibited from utilizing the park – reported cases will result in the loss of park privileges with no refund.

12. Dogs that are in heat or that are sick are prohibited in the park.

13. Please, closely monitor unneutered dogs at all times!

14. All dogs must be licensed & properly immunized. The use of heartworm & tick prevention products is highly recommended.

15. Puppies over six (6) months of age must have full immunizations to utilize the park.

16. Puppies under six (6) months are not permitted in the park.

17. No prong (pinch), choke or spiked collars are permitted in the park.

18. Please discourage your dogs from digging any holes. Help us keep the park safe for other users.

19. No smoking, alcohol, food or glass containers are permitted in the park.

20. Professional dog trainers are not permitted to use this facility for training purposes without written permission from the township.


Rules, Hours, Fees, etc. subject to change without notice.