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The Department of Emergency Management / Services develops and maintains the Township’s emergency operation plans and standard operating procedures to support the coordination of response to disasters within our community by our emergency services. During an emergency, the Emergency Management Coordinator supports resource requests, response efforts, and conducts inspections of damaged areas. When the disaster event is over, the department facilitates recovery efforts for our residents and business community in concert with PEMA, FEMA, and the United States Small Business Association (SBA).

The Emergency Management/Services department is also responsible for fire and life safety inspections when new businesses move into town and on an annual basis. The Department also manages Career Firefighters who staff fire apparatus out of our Volunteer Fire Stations and conduct the fire and life safety inspections. The department provides land development plan reviews for emergency services features. When a fire occurs, this department will conduct origin and cause fire investigations with support from the Volunteer Fire Services and our Police department.

For a list of fees for the inspection program, permits, or fines, please click here to view.


The most dangerous part of any fire is the smoke. The earliest warning of smoke will provide the greatest amount of time to escape. This is why smoke detectors are essential for early warning of a fire in your home. You should have one smoke detector on every level and one smoke detector in every bedroom in your house. Be sure to test them regularly to ensure they work. Smoke detectors now come with many features such as voices, different languages, flashing lights, wireless interconnection, hardwired inter-connection, battery powered, and carbon monoxide alarm. Make sure you are alerted before it is too late.


How will an Ambulance find your house? How can a police officer respond to your call? Your ADDRESS NEEDS to be clearly visible from the street, in number form, at least 4” high, and in a contrasting color from the background. Help us find you.


  • In a typical home fire, you may have as little as one to two minutes to escape safely from the time the smoke alarm sounds. Be sure all are in working order!
  • You should plan and practice a fire drill in your home for your family. When you are in an emergency there is no time to panic, seconds count. Plan and practice how you will get out of your home, a secondary way out, and a safe place to meet.
  • Once you get out – Don’t go back in! Firefighters will let you know when and if it is safe to return.
  • Fire can be deadly – share this video series with your family and practice safe evacuation: https://warminstertownship.org/download/fire-video-links/?wpdmdl=7948


The Fire Marshal’s office manages an annual Fire Prevention & Life Safety Inspection program throughout the Township. The fire inspections are conducted by the career firefighter staff. Close to 1000 businesses in Warminster Township will be inspected for fire prevention and life safety features during the year. We utilize a cloud based inspection program that provides a report to the business owner as soon as the inspection is completed. The “answer key” to our inspection checklist is posted on our website. All fees are based on square footage or type of occupancy and posted on the website. After the initial fire inspection is completed, the inspection report is emailed to the customer and a re-inspection date scheduled if there are any violations. Invoicing for the fire inspection is handled through the Township finance department. Please click here for a sample fire inspection check list.