Look for announcements on our upcoming presentations for the Spring and Summer of 2020 in the Warminster Weekly email. Some possible topics may include:

The continued water issues in our township
Water cycle and home chemical use
Composting, recycling, and hazardous material disposal
Status on spotted lanternfly and other invasive species
Landscape care to cut down on chemicals
Ready for 100 percent renewable energy resolution,
Possible changes in Agricultural, beekeeping, and porous surfaces ordinance.

All workshops and meetings held @ Twp. Bldg. – use side door.

Would you like to hear more about these topics or have another environmental issue you would like us to discuss? Please let us know at our monthly meetings or by contacting the Warminster Township office at townshipmanager@warminsterpa.org. Not getting the weekly email? Sign up here: https://warminstertownship.org/stay-connected/

All are welcome at our meetings on the 4th Monday to discuss the environmental issues that are concerning you in our township, state, and beyond!