Yard Waste Update

The final day for separate yard waste collection is December 15, 2020.
December 16, 2020 through March 31, 2020, yard waste is to be disposed of with your regular trash.
Please contact JP Mascaro at 1-800-432-1616 or the Township at trash@warminsterpa.org with any questions.

Press Release – 11/23/20

November 23, 2020


Warminster Township Supervisors Act to Save Over $1.25 Million

At their regular meeting of November 19, 2020, the Board of Supervisors took two actions that should save the taxpayers over $1,750,000 in future debt service. “I meant it when I said that it is high time that the taxpayer came first in Warminster and we need to get our financial house in order.”, said Supervisors’ Chairman Ken Hayes.

The Board voted to rescind Ordinance 764 and cancel closing on an $8,500,000 bank note and instead make application to the Delaware Valley Regional Finance Authority. This change in course will save the Township $1,181,496 over the life of the borrowing. Then the Board voted to submit another application to the Delaware Valley Regional Finance Authority to refinance $1,360,000 it borrowed in 2019 for improvements to Five Ponds Golf Club with a projected savings of $98,366.

Hayes said that this was simply sound municipal financial management. “We are taking advantage of historically low interest rates to benefit the taxpayer”, he said. The Chairman thanked the new Interim Township Manager, Bill McCauley, for proposing these two savings to the Board. “Mr. McCauley has been here for less than three weeks and has already saved us $1.25 Million in tax dollars. I would say that is a pretty good start”, he concluded.


Contact:  Bill McCauley
Interim Township Manager
(215) 443-5414 ext.1311


Press Release From Chairman Hayes

October 29, 2020

Contact: Kenneth M. Hayes, Chairman
Board of Supervisors
(215) 589-5741

At a special meeting on October 29, 2020, the Board of Supervisors voted to appoint William J. McCauley, III as Interim Township Manager. “The new Board promised the hard-working residents of Warminster that we would restore responsible government, both fiscally and otherwise, which has been missing for the past nine years prior to us taking office. This action is the first step toward that promise,” said Hayes.

Hayes stated that the new Board evaluated the Township’s operations and finances for the past ten months based on the information provided to them by the Township’s management team. The new board was not confident they were provided the full picture needed to make difficult, but informed decisions. “At that point, it was clear a change was necessary,” he stated.

The Chairman explained that McCauley is well-versed in financially distressed municipalities. “Bristol Township was on the verge of bankruptcy when Bill arrived there. He cut expenses, lowered taxes twice, increased services, and made $64 million in improvements to their infrastructure during his tenure. I am confident that he will have the same success here in Warminster,” he said.

According to Hayes, there has been uncontrolled deficit spending for the past four years leading to the Township being in poor financial condition. McCauley was hired earlier this year to review the Township Budget and reduce tax millage from 19 to 14 mills in the General Fund. Even after McCauley submitted his report to the Board of Supervisors in May explaining that spending needed to be controlled, but it remained unchecked. “This Board believes that it is high time to put the taxpayers of Warminster Township first and this action sends a clear message that we intend to do so,” he concluded.


Yard Waste Dumping

Dumping of Yard Waste at the Township Licenses and Inspections / Public Works Building is not permitted.
For any issues with collection, please contact J.P. Mascaro at 1-800-432-1616 or the Township at trash@warminsterpa.org.

SAFER Grant Awarded

Release Date: September 17, 2020
Type of Information: Public
Contact: Emergency Management: 267.317.1313

Subject: Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant Awarded

Warminster Township – Warminster Township has been awarded a FEMA SAFER grant in the amount of $1,767,963.15 to support the hiring of five (5) career firefighters for weekday fire responses. This is in response to the request from the volunteer fire companies and an independent study outlining the need for career firefighters.

“We’re very pleased to receive this grant” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Ken Hayes. “For decades, the Township has been well served by our volunteer firefighters and it’s now time to help them continue the great work they are doing.”

The award provides 100% of salaries and benefits of new firefighters for a three (3) year period. Warminster Township will employ these firefighters who will then staff existing fire apparatus that is owned by the Warminster Fire Department and the Hartsville Fire Company. Receiving this SAFER grant allows this plan to be enacted sooner, rather than later, and provides quick fire response during times when our volunteer firefighter staffing is most limited.

Collaboration over the last two years between both Fire Companies, Township staff, and our Township Supervisors has resulted in a proactive plan to provide fast response to weekday fire, rescue, and hazardous material incidents in Warminster Township. This partnership between the Township and Fire Companies allows our residents, businesses, schools, and industry to fully realize their investments into our fire services delivery model. Our future career firefighters will utilize up-to-date fire and rescue equipment located on quality firefighting apparatus while stationed in modern fire stations within our Township.

It is anticipated the hiring of career firefighters will take place in early 2021 as the hiring process, mutual fire service agreements, and policies are all finalized between the Township, Warminster Fire Department, and the Hartsville Fire Company.


Collection of Delinquent Fees

The Township will now be using Portnoff Law Associates for collection of delinquent real estate taxes, sanitation fees, and street lighting charges. They offer more options for payment than we can and will service our delinquent accounts. Please visit www.portnoffonline.com

New Voting Machines and Procedures

Bucks County is switching over to new voting machines with verifiable paper ballots.  Below are some resources to help voters make this transition when they go to the polls.

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