About Us

policeThe Warminster Township Police Department serves the Township 7 days a week. The department strives to provide an effective and timely response to crime and disorder, works with the community to enhance their quality of life, promotes safety in the community through professional services to all citizens.

The department has four special units built into the department:

  • K-9: A specially trained Police dog works with officer in drug detection and/or bomb detection.
  • Bike Patrol: Officers are trained in techniques to utilize a specially equipped mountain bike to fight and prevent crime.
  • Highway Safety Unit (HSU): Officers dedicate their shift to enforcing traffic laws, conducting traffic studies, and assisting the patrol squads with more serious accident investigations as well as normal patrol duties.
  • SWAT: Highly trained officers in the areas of tactics, weapons, and special incident response. The members of this unit are Warminster Officers who are attached to the central Bucks Special Response team (CBSRT) with Officers from around the County.

In the age of E-commerce where deals and financial exchanges are made, the Warminster Police is offering the police headquarters lobby as a safe place for people to meet and make those exchanges. With a constant worry of meeting a stranger for the purchase or threat of a crime being committed, the Warminster police 24hr main lobby has adequate lighting and fulltime surveillance systems in place. This allows the public to use our police lobby as a safer area to finish business transactions. Please be safe and careful when conducting such transactions.

Warminster participates in the Bucks County Medication Disposal program for unwanted or expired medications and has a free and anonymous drop off box located in the Warminster Police Department lobby, 401 Gibson Ave. For more information on the program, please call 215-968-4713.

First step in reporting a crime or to make a report is to call our county dispatcher to have an officer dispatched to handle the call. Call 215-672-1000 for Non Emergencies or 911 for crimes in progress or Emergencies.

The Police Department has some general tips on reporting a crime. Upon arrival, police will be looking to the reporting person and surrounding witnesses for the facts and circumstances of the incident. Police will be asking everyone the Who, What, Where, When and How of the events.

The Who?
• Who is reporting the incident?
• Who is the witness of the incident?
• Who are the suspects of the incident?
• Who else is involved?

The What?
• What happened during the incident? This is probably the hardest to question to answer as most people are not expecting an incident to occur and the surprise of the event delays their recall of specific area. Police will try to ask several questions to help provoke a detailed response. The questions may seem repetitive or annoying, but they are asked to help a victim become more specific or clear about the circumstance of the incident.
• What did the suspect look like? Approximate height, weight, race, age, gender, hair and eye color, clothing description.
• What did the suspect’s vehicle look like? Make, model, year, color, style, license plate number or state, occupants of the car.

The Where?
• Where did the incident occur?
• If the incident was either received or started in one of two jurisdictions, either jurisdiction may investigate the incident, although one of the two jurisdictions may be better to move forward with a prosecution.
• When in doubt always go on record with your local jurisdiction. It is better to report an incident immediately than let time pass.

The When?
• When did the incident occur? Time of day, day of week.
• The longer you wait to report an incident, the harder it may be to find and preserve evidence.

The How?
• How did the incident occur?
• How was entry made?
• How were you approached?
• How did they leave?

These are easy questions but when an incident occurs, and depending on the circumstance surrounding the incident, they may be stressful, seem annoying or complicated. Please be patient with the officers as the officers will be patient with you. Our goal is to solve or remedy the situation with no further incident.

We need your help! The best way to help is to help one another. Please look out for your neighbor and new citizens. Be alert and vigilant in your observations. If you see anything that seems out of the ordinary or criminal in nature, please DO NOT HESITATE to call 911 or (215) 672-1000. Our officers will respond and investigate. It is better to call us immediately, then delay and allow a criminal to victimize our community.

Warminster Township Police Department supports  Bucks County Crime Stoppers in participating in the Push Out the Pusher program where you can remain anonymous for reporting drug activity and receive awards of up to $5,000 if that person is criminally charged and convicted.