Press Release From Chairman Hayes

October 29, 2020

Contact: Kenneth M. Hayes, Chairman
Board of Supervisors
(215) 589-5741

At a special meeting on October 29, 2020, the Board of Supervisors voted to appoint William J. McCauley, III as Interim Township Manager. “The new Board promised the hard-working residents of Warminster that we would restore responsible government, both fiscally and otherwise, which has been missing for the past nine years prior to us taking office. This action is the first step toward that promise,” said Hayes.

Hayes stated that the new Board evaluated the Township’s operations and finances for the past ten months based on the information provided to them by the Township’s management team. The new board was not confident they were provided the full picture needed to make difficult, but informed decisions. “At that point, it was clear a change was necessary,” he stated.

The Chairman explained that McCauley is well-versed in financially distressed municipalities. “Bristol Township was on the verge of bankruptcy when Bill arrived there. He cut expenses, lowered taxes twice, increased services, and made $64 million in improvements to their infrastructure during his tenure. I am confident that he will have the same success here in Warminster,” he said.

According to Hayes, there has been uncontrolled deficit spending for the past four years leading to the Township being in poor financial condition. McCauley was hired earlier this year to review the Township Budget and reduce tax millage from 19 to 14 mills in the General Fund. Even after McCauley submitted his report to the Board of Supervisors in May explaining that spending needed to be controlled, but it remained unchecked. “This Board believes that it is high time to put the taxpayers of Warminster Township first and this action sends a clear message that we intend to do so,” he concluded.