Recycling IS Our Future – Tip #1

What Is Single-Stream Recycling?
Single-stream recycling allows Warminster residents to place all recyclables: cans, bottles and plastics together with newspapers, cardboard, and mixed paper in one container. There is no need to separate items since the “single stream” recycling process used allows all recyclables to be mixed together. Single-stream recycling will be collected by a compaction truck. Only recyclables will be on this truck on your recycling day, it cannot collect non-recyclable items. We want your household to recycle as much as possible. Recycling containers must be clearly labeled. If you did not receive a brochure or need additional recycling stickers, they are available at the township offices. Simply place the sticker onto a container and use it for collection. You can use any container up to 35 gallons as well as your existing recycling bin. Make sure that the recycling sticker is visible to the collection crew.