Warminster Township 2022 Paving Information

The Township is getting ready to pave 22 roads this year. The program includes the resurfacing of roads throughout the township. Please watch for details about the road program bid, schedule and other information.
The following are the list of road planned to be paved in 2022

Road Name From To
Anthony Wayne Drive Lavera Road Fitch Place
Fitch Place Toll House Lane Anthony Wayne Drive
Carroll Circle Fitch Place Cul-De-Sac
Norristown Road York Road Street Road
Redwood Road Catalpa Road Meadow Glen Road
Meadow Glen Road Norristown Road Meadow Glen Road
Mae Drive Meadow Glen Road Norristown Road
Gladwyn Road Meadow Glen Road Gibson Avenue
S. Norristown Road * County Line Road 379 S. Norristown Rd
Seventh Avenue Greene Road York Road
Sixth Avenue Greene Road York Road
Fifth Avenue Greene Road York Road
Fourth Avenue Greene Road York Road
Third Avenue Greene Road Harvey Road
Second Avenue Prospect Road York Road
Prospect Road * Greene Road York Road
Harvey Road Fourth Avenue County Line Road
Panther Road Greene Road Woodland Drive
Horseshoe Lane Panther Road Woodland Drive
Woodland Drive County Line Road Leopard Lane
Lion Road Woodland Drive End
Beaver Run Road Woodland Drive Cul-de-sac
Hidden Woods Lane County Line Road Cul-de-sac
Woods Lane Sandy Cul-de-sac
Park Avenue Street Road County Line Road

* Norristown Road & Prospect Road may get pushed to 2023 due to work anticipated there this year by Warminster Municipal Authority (WMA) in 2022.