The Township Guidelines for Snow and Ice Removal

Warminster Township would like to remind all residents that winter months presents not only a unique challenge but also an opportunity for the Township and residents to work together in the common goal of safe, timely, and efficient snow removal.   If residents have any issues or concerns with plowing operations, they should call the Warminster Township Public Works Director at (267) 317-1310

Please go to to view The Township Guidelines for Snow and Ice Removal.

When a snow related emergency is declared, the following ordinances are in affect:

Ord. No. 756: It shall be unlawful to park, or allow to be parked, any motor vehicle on any road or street within the Township when a snow emergency has been declared by the Township Manager or his/her designee until rescinded.

Ord. No. 702: No person removing snow or ice from public sidewalks or private property shall throw, shovel, push, plow or otherwise move snow or ice into the public street.