Warminster Township 2023 Road Program

The 2023 Warminster Township Road Paving Program is scheduled to begin on May 1, 2023, and should be completed within 90 days. The program includes the resurfacing of approximately 8 miles of roadway.  We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during this year’s paving program.

  Road Name From To
1 Decker Lane Hostman Avenue Parmentier Road
2 Donald Drive Decker Lane Cul-De-Sac
3 Overlook Drive Newtown Road Parmentier Road
4 Otto Lane Overlook Drive Byron Road
5 Byron Road Overlook Drive Decker Lane
6 Natale Lane Newtown Road Longstreth Road
7 Patton Drive Martha Lane Longstreth Road
8 McGlynn Road Martha Lane End
9 Martha Lane Rilling Road 379 S. Norristown Rd
10 Rilling Road Newtown Road Martha Lane
11 Schoolhouse Lane Street Road McGlynn Drive
12 Citation Lane Schoolhouse Lane End
13 Longstreth Road Schoolhouse Lane Byron Road
14 Walnut Road Gibson Avenue Magnolia Road
15 Chestnut Road Bloomfield Road Henry Avenue
16 Wallace Drive Primrose Drive King Way
17 Fairfield Drive Henry Avenue King Way
18 Primrose Drive Fairfield Drive Gibson Avenue
19 Fern Road Primrose Drive Gibson Avenue
20 Magnolia Road Wallace Drive Claire Road
21 Iris Road Wallace Drive Fairfield Drive
22 Sylvan Lane Gibson Avenue Fairfield Drive
23 King Way Iris Road Wallace Drive
24 Greene Court Greene Road Cul-De-Sac
25 Ninth Avenue Magnolia Road Brown Road
26 Newtown Road County Line Road Street Road
27 Overlook Drive Davisville Road End
28 Glen Road Overlook Drive End
29 Middle Road Overlook Drive Meadow Drive
30 Meadow Drive Overlook Drive End
31 Hancock Road Centennial Road End
32 Coventry Lane Newtown Road Hancock Road
33 Centenary Lane Betsy Lane End
34 Betsy Lane Hancock Road Washington Lane
35 Washington Lane Hancock Road End