About Us

Peggy Lindner, Director

The Warminster Township Free Library is an independent Community Public Library and part of the Bucks County Library System. It was founded in 1960 by the Federated Women’s Club of Warminster and housed in a room of the Township Administrative Building with a collection of 2,000 volumes collected from the community. The library was open 10 hours/week from 1962-1964, moved twice between 1965-1970; first into a farmhouse at 265 W. Street Rd and then to a ranch house at 380 N. York Road. The collection grew to 5,000 items by the end of 1970 and was open 20 hours/week. From 1971-1974 the Library moved to the lower level of the Township Building and then ultimately constructed and moved into its current 15,488 sq. ft. facility at 1076 Emma Lane in 1976/77. The Library presently has a 7-member advisory board and is governed by the Township of Warminster after becoming a Department of the Township in September of 2012. Today the Warminster Township Free Library is open 52 hours/week, has a collection of 66,336 print materials, offers 250 programs/year, and circulates close to 215,000 items/year.


Find Out How You Can Support the Library!

PA Forward and the Star Library Program!

PA Forward is the Pennsylvania Library Association Initiative aimed at helping libraries to help people achieve greater success in all vital roles of life. Its goal is to ensure libraries have what they need to assist individuals reach their highest potential to meet the demands of today’s busy and sometimes overwhelming information search engine and social media lives. The Initiative defines five types of literacy essential to reaching this goal (Basic, Information, Civic & Social, Health, Financial) and the Warminster Township Free Library supports the statewide effort through thoughtful, current, and progressive programming:

Find your Warminster Township Library as we earn stars on the way to becoming a Gold Star Library!
Join in programs dedicated to a targeted literacy (look for the PA Forward logo)!
Interact with your community and neighbors!
Grow with us as we reach new heights!

Coming Soon! Adult Summer Reading

This summer we will kick off our first year of Adult Summer Reading. Summer fun is not just for the kids anymore! Join us in making time for the enjoyment of reading, attending programs, and by participating in library-run community projects to help Build a Better World!

The June-August Summer Reading Program will include:

• Reading books and writing book reviews
• Earning raffle tickets by writing book reviews and attending official Summer Reading Programs
• Becoming more civically engaged in your community through library programming
• Making and collecting donations to support children and the troops.

For additional information, and to sign up, stop by the Information Services desk.

No Longer Available:
Solar Eclipse Glasses

Due to popular demand we have run out of the glasses being distributing to the public for the upcoming eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017. We will keep you posted if the situation changes.

On the plus side, we have a list of helpful websites which includes general information about the eclipse, information on making your own viewers and some places where you can purchase solar eclipse glasses. To view the list of resources click here.