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The Department of Public Works is located at 910 West Bristol Road. The Department has more than 15 full time employees ranging from equipment operators to laborers. The Public Works Department handles the care and maintenance of more than 100 miles of roads (paving, potholes, plowing & salting), maintenance of Township buildings and structures. The traffic division maintains and oversees the installation of traffic lights, street lights, street signs and pavement markings. The fleet operations division deals with the maintenance of every department’s vehicles & equipment within the township.


Warminster Township’s 2019 road improvement program was successfully completed in late June this year. Public Works road crews paved approximately 3.5 miles of Township streets, placing more than 6000 tons of new asphalt on roads located in the southeastern section of Warminster Township. The 2020 road improvement program will concentrate on 4- 5 more miles of roads located in the central southern section of Warminster Township. The specific list of roads that will be resurfaced in 2020 is still being determined. Following the 5-year Road Improvement Plan, roads that will be targeted will be ranked in the poorest condition in this sector of the Township. New ADA compliant curb ramps will also be constructed at intersections in these areas. Residents that live on these roads will be notified of the construction schedule in advance. Copies of the 5-year plan are available to residents by contacting the Public Works Department at 267-317-1310 or by emailing Eric Hinz, Public Works Director, at ehinz@warminsterpa.org.


See something wrong with a road in Warminster Township; this could be a downed sign, traffic light not working, a pothole, etc. Report issues on line at https://warminstertownship.org/repair-form. Please remember, PennDOT maintains Street Road, York Road, Bristol Road, County Line Road, Jacksonville Road, and Mearns Road. For potholes or other issues on any of these roads please call 215-345-6060 or toll free at 1-800-FIX-ROAD.


With fall upon us, the Public Works Department asks that residents work with us to keep our storm drains, creeks, and basins free of yard debris. Leaves are the number one cause of storm drain blockages and could cause flooding and property damage. Problems with neighborhood flooding prompted the Board of Supervisors to pass an ordinance to not permit yard waste and debris in the street gutters. To help keep our sewer and storm water management system flowing, please be sure that neither you, nor your lawn care contractor, blow clippings, leaves, etc. into the street or you may be fined. All yard waste should be placed in paper bags at the curb. Reminder…If you back up to a park or open space, leaves should still be bagged and put out at the curb, not piled in the woods or along the creek.


Stormwater runoff is responsible for up to 70% of the pollution found in our streams, lakes and rivers. Impervious surfaces (ones that do not allow water to penetrate the ground) such as buildings and parking lots contribute substantial amounts of water to our storm drains. This water often contains many pollutants. REMEMBER: The Warminster Township storm drain system does not provide any treatment for the removal of pollutants; anything that enters the system eventually reaches our waterways.

  1. Don’t dump anything into storm drains—dispose of hazardous waste at Bucks County Hazardous Waste drop offs.
  2. If you see a suspicious discharge to a water body or storm drain (catch basin, slotted manhole, into the street), contact Warminster Township Public Works at 267-317-1310.
  3. Personal property shall not be connected to the storm drain system (i.e. laundry hookups, sump pumps or septic systems). Such connections are prohibited in Warminster Township.
  4. Divert runoff from pavement to grassy, planted, or wooded areas of your property.
  5. Pick up litter or pet waste – waste ends up in our streams either directly or through storm drains.
  6. Reduce fertilizer and pesticide use or toxicity. When mowing the lawn, mulch lawn clippings to provide a natural fertilizer.
  7. When watering your lawn, don’t over-spray. Water that runs off sidewalks and roadways carry contaminants (oil, grease, and metals) into the drain system.
  8. When washing your car, use phosphate free, nonpetroleum-based cleaning agents.
  9. Sweep up salt and sand on your walkways after snowmelt. Don’t hose down driveways or sidewalks.
  10. Inspect your vehicles & equipment for leaking and damaged parts.


Warminster Township is pleased to announce the 3rd annual “Paint the Plow” Contest. Paint the Plow is a community outreach program in which students are invited to paint a Warminster Township Public Works snow plow blade with original artwork to represent their individual school. In addition to being visible when in full service during the winter-weather months, the blades will be used at events within the school’s community to enhance public awareness, promote safety and foster greater appreciation of both Public Works and the school’s art program. Last years’ successful program saw 7 local schools competing in the program including William Tennent High School, Archbishop Wood High School, Log College Middle School, Nativity of Our Lord School, Klinger Middle School, and new to the contest this year, McDonald and Willow Dale Elementary schools. The student’s creative designs, following a theme of “Snow Day!”, were showcased at the annual Touch A Truck event held in the fall at Warminster Community Park and admired by hundreds of those who attended the event. The artwork theme for 2019 will be “See Snow? Drive Slow!” Come on out to Touch-a-Truck on October 26 and enjoy the student painted masterpieces along with many other fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. Information and details about the Paint the Plow program will be posted at www.


Looking for the latest information about the floodplains in your neighborhood? Bucks County has some great tools to help you research this information.

Visit the Bucks County website (click here) to research your home and the floodplains.

Some Helpful Tips for Navigating the site…
Once the website is loaded, using your mouse, select the “Find an address” tool which is located in the center of the top blue tool bar on the website. The tool looks like a bulls eye.

Enter just the street address (i.e. 401 Gibson Ave) then click on the “Locate” button. This will zoom into the property with the property identified. To zoom in even closer, click on the “zoom in” button on the flagged property. You can also pan around and zoom in and out using your mouse similar to other mapping programs. Once you have the view where you want it, close the “Find an address” window by clicking on the “x” with a circle around it located in the right top corner of the “Find an address” window.

Just under the top blue tool bar on the website, there is a slider bar where you can change the basemap image. To the left of the slider bar is a button labeled as “More…”. Hover over this button with your mouse and you will see several options available here. By default, “Floodplains” and “Property Records” will be selected as active. The “Floodplains” active by default are the existing FEMA floodplains which were put into effect in 1999. You can toggle this on and off as well as the “Preliminary Floodplains”. The “Preliminary Floodplains” are the new FEMA floodplain maps going into effect in March, 2015.

By toggling between “Preliminary Floodplains” and “Floodplains” you can see how the mapping has changed and what impact may be had on the property in question. Red is Zone A which the 100 year floodplain. Yellow is Zone X which is the 0.2 percent annual chance flood hazard also known as the 500 year floodplain. There are no regulatory impacts with the 500 year floodplain. Orange is the Zone AE 100 year floodplain resulting from a detailed study. Blue is also in Zone AE and is the floodway which is also in the 100 year floodplain.


With winter fast approaching, the Township hopes that all residents will assist with keeping streets clear so that plows can move unwanted snow.

  • Ordinance #625 states that it is unlawful for residents to park vehicles on any road following accumulation of 3” or more of snow/ice until snow/ice has been completely plowed from the full width of the roadway. Please move cars off the streets when it starts to snow, so that the Township can more effectively and safely remove the snow/ice. Snow Emergencies will be declared when snow is forecasted to reach 3 inches or more, or accumulating ice requires that the streets be cleared. Snow Emergency declarations will be posted in advance on the Township website at www.warminstertownship.org.
  • It is unlawful to shovel, push, plow or otherwise cause snow to be placed onto, across, or upon any roads, streets or sidewalks if the snow is allowed to remain on the road, street, sidewalk or right-of-way.
  • When the Township plows the roads, the plowing causes the snow to get pushed up to driveways, curbs, and sidewalks. It may be more convenient for home owners to shovel after the Township plows the roads as opposed to prior.
  • Please trim back all trees, branches and bushes along your front curb line and at corners to help improve road conditions and allow for emergency vehicle access.
  • Remember to keep all trash cans out of the street. Portable basketball nets in the street are considered a traffic obstruction and owners may be cited. Please move them back off the street when not in play. If they are struck during emergency services or snow plowing, the owner is responsible for all damages.
  • Warminster Township is not responsible for replacing mailboxes located in the right of way that are damaged during snow plowing. To avoid snow plow damage to your mailbox, any person with a mail box located along the street should be sure that the mailbox is secure in the ground.
  • The Township is divided into grids for snowplowing. Some areas have been bid out to local contractors to aid our Public Works Department in plowing snow.
  • Please shovel sidewalks & around fire hydrants – the house you save may be your own!


Winter months present not only a unique challenge but also an opportunity for the Township and residents to work together in the common goal of safe, timely, and efficient snow removal. The following information will be useful to Township residents regarding best practices and also requirements during a snow or ice event.   Click here.