About Warminster Township

Located in central Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Warminster Township is a vibrant community to live, work, and play. There are over 32,000 residents and more than 900 commercial businesses. Warminster is easily accessible to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-95, and major regional bus and train corridors.

In 1711, Warminster Township was founded and later organized as a Second-Class Township. This designation of a Second-Class Township outlines the powers granted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the Township. Warminster’s authority is restricted to those powers specifically authorized by the Commonwealth.

The Township provides a variety of leisure services including 409 acres of passive and active parks, Benjamin Wilson Senior Center, and Five Ponds Golf Club, to name a few. Warminster also prides it’s self in fostering strong business organizations including the Warminster Rotary Club, Greater Warminster Chamber of Commerce, and Warminster Kiwanis. Warminster’s business campus and office/professional industrial business areas offer a variety of commercial uses and provide many economic development opportunities.

Although Warminster’s historical roots run deep, the Township is an emerging leader in environmental, technological, and economic practices.

Township Seal


The Township seal is on our flags, police cars, and all official municipal vehicles; it is an identifying symbol. The original Township seal was designed by George Stoner. Ever wonder what each item in the seal represents?

  • Elm Tree: This represents the place that William Penn and the Indians signed Penn’s Treaty
  • Domino: William Penn’s mark (in those times, everyone has his own identifying “mark”)
  • Log Cabin: The famous Log College (the predecessor of Princeton University)
  • Corn: Symbolizes an agricultural area
  • Laurel: State flower