Office of the Township Manager

The Township Board of Supervisors created the Office of the Township Manager to serve as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Township. The Township Manager is appointed by a majority vote of the Board of Supervisors and is chosen solely on the basis of executive and administrative qualifications, education, and experience in the principles and practices of public policy and administration with respect to the duties of the office of Township Manager.

The Manager is responsible to the Board of Supervisors for the proper and efficient administration of all responsibilities and diligent execution of all authority and duties of administration, for directing the daily operations and achieving the established goals and objectives of the governing body.

William J. McCauley, III – Interim Township Manager

For over forty years, William J. “Bill” McCauley, III has been a visionary and innovative member of local government. His career in the field of public administration and governance has been a boon to all municipalities, boroughs, and townships that he has been lucky enough to serve.

Before entering public service, Bill worked hard on his own education and self-development, entering the University of Maine and graduating with a degree in Public Management with a concentration on local government administration. As part of his undergraduate program, he worked in the town of Holden, Maine, as an Intern to the Town Manager. After graduation, he would move on to Canaan, NH, and serve as a Town Administrator. These formative experiences allowed him to develop a passionate obsession for public service and find fulfillment in helping foster growth and stability in the towns.

From ‘79 to ‘85, William J. “Bill” McCauley, III worked largely with smaller towns of less than 3000 residents. He was the first Town Manager in Westminster, Vermont and Charlestown, Rhode Island. In 1985 he returned to his home state for a position in Lower Providence, Pennsylvania. As Township Manager, he was responsible for an area with a population of more than 20k, a budget above $5.4 million, and 75 employees. Lower Providence had had five Managers in the five years preceding Bill’s tenure. He was in this position for almost 6 years.

In 1991, Bill moved on to the Borough of Phoenixville, in Chester County of Pennsylvania tackling his first financially distressed municipality. He answered to the 12-member Borough Council, oversaw 100 employees, and was responsible for an 11 million-dollar budget.

During his brief 3 years here, he eliminated more than a $1.2 million deficit and a million-dollar negative cash flow in the utilities fund. Bill supervised major infrastructure improvements and uncovered financial improprieties while investigating local political corruption which sparked an FBI inquiry. His tenure here was relatively short, but his major impact on turning around the Borough cannot be overstated.

For more than a decade, William J. “Bill” McCauley, III would work with Bensalem Township, the ninth-largest municipality in PA, serving from 1994 to 2007. He was a Director of the Administration, answering directly to the Mayor. This large Township has a population in excess of 60,000 residents, a budget above $75 million, and Bill oversaw 210 full-time employees.

Once again, he inherited a financial mess in Bensalem where they had finished 9 consecutive years in a deficit position. Bill’s major accomplishments with the Township are numerous resulting in Bensalem Township being recognized as a municipal model. One notable aspect of his tenure here was his authoring a position paper for the Mayor advocating for a 2 % Host Municipality Fee for Townships with Racetracks having slot machines which was incorporated into the enabling legislation. This led directly to the inflow of millions of dollars to Bensalem from Keystone Racetrack and then PARX Casino. Upon separating from Bensalem Township, he left them with $61 million in the Capital Trust Fund and $16 million in cash on hand after beginning with a negative $256,000 fund balance.

In 2010, William “Bill” McCauley founded his own business – McCauley Consulting, LLC. This consulting firm offers management and financial services to public and private clients. He recognized that his experience in the field allowed him to ply a large network of administrative and management experts. He continues to offer his knowledge and expertise to clients across the Eastern Region.

While building his own business, he was recruited to implement a newly adopted form of government in the Township of Bristol. He assumed a job as the Chief Executive Officer in January of 2012. At the time, Bristol Township was generally regarded as a dead municipality and the job was considered an impossible task in a dead-end job. Upon assuming the position, Bill found an organization on the brink of bankruptcy and an infrastructure that had been ignored since the days of William Levitt. Bill is credited with accomplishing what became known as the “Bristol Township Miracle”. He paved the majority of township highways, replaced every streetlight, upgraded every township building, rehabbed the wastewater treatment plant, constructed a new park, and enlarged and renovated the township’s largest park. He accomplished all of this while lowering taxes and restoring Bristol to financial stability in his 8 years from 2012 to 2019. His tenure in the Township provided major improvements and created 2500 new jobs that continue to benefit the area to this day. Bill is credited with transforming Bristol Township from a municipal laughingstock to one of the most emulated communities in the region.

Today, he has shifted his focus towards his consulting company, seeking to provide a level of service and expertise that no other firm can provide. He has already successfully guided three PA communities away from financial distress and towards economic growth.