At their February 4th meeting, the Board of Supervisors accepted the low bid of James D. Morrissey, Inc for the 2021 Milling and Paving Program at the price of $3,716,709.25. Morrissey will be paving 61 different roads and 22.72 miles of Township highways this year. A list of the roads being paved is attached with a map showing the roads being resurfaced.

Funding for the project is being primarily provided from the 2021 General Obligation Bond recently issued by the Supervisors at a historically low interest rate. Additional funding is coming from the Township’s Liquid Fuels Fund and the Warminster Municipal Authority. The WMA is required to pave half of the Township highways they excavate for water and sewer main improvements. The Authority provides the cost of paving one lane of the road and the Township matches these funds in order to resurface the entire road. This is a simple, yet creative, way of getting more roads paved leveraging tax dollars with Authority funds.

Residents wishing to replace their curbs and driveway aprons will be given an opportunity to do so prior to the milling and paving taking place. Please keep your eyes open for future announcements as the weather breaks and we approach the start of construction.

Please click the links below for 2020-2021 WT Paving Location Map and 2021 Paving Program Road List

Spotted Lanternfly

Questions about the Spotted Lanternfly? Please refer to the chart. Residents are encouraged to help combat the spread of the spotted lanternfly by eliminating these non-native insects when possible. At this time of year, both adult spotted lanternflies and their egg masses can be found.  Please keep a look out and destroy these invaders whenever possible. Other tips can be found at (pdf version)





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Push Out The Pusher

‘Push Out The Pusher’ is an initiative in Bucks County where the primary focus are dealers who fuel the increasing opioid epidemic in Bucks by selling potentially deadly drugs like heroin and fentanyl. You can get a yard sign and let the drug dealers know that you are pushing back and taking your community back.

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Ever wonder who to contact for an issue? We’ve created this list of common issues and who to contact. It basically has everything except for the Butterball hotline. We hope it comes in handy. Click here for the FAQs

Yard Waste Pick Up

Yard waste such as grass & leaves will be picked up through March 31st with the regular trash. Read more

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