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The Warminster Township Free Library youth staff offer many educational and fun opportunities for children from birth to age 18. We also have a wide array of fiction and nonfiction books, films and music in print and online formats for our children and teens. The staff is devoted to providing information children, teens, and parents need to grow and learn throughout their lives.

While encouraging our youth to read is the cornerstone of what we do, we also offer programs that foster imagination, innovation, creativity and building social relationships through music, art, science, history & more! At the Warminster Library, children and teens can explore new passions, interests, and ideas that can help them be the adults of tomorrow.

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► Reading Programs

June 17-August 4

How do you participate?

Visit the library beginning June 10 to pick up a Summer Reading Program folder with event information, your reading log, a bookmark, and stickers. We will also have some optional materials such as age-specific recommended reading lists.

Join us on June 15 for our Kick-Off event with The Hilarious Magic of Sam Sandler. You can pick up a log at that time.

Logs will be available for pick up and online between June 10 and July 27. The last day to return your logs is August 10. The prizes will be pulled on Tuesday, August 13.

Celebrate your journey this Summer by visiting us on July 20 at 2PM for our Mid-Summer Foam Party. We will have snacks, games, music, and of course lots of foam to play in!

Don’t have time to stop in?

For those who are unable to stop by to pick up a log, you can print one off at home. Click the link below to fill out a quick form and you will receive a link to print off the reading log. Start reading and doing the activities from home.

You will need to come into the library to have your raffle tickets removed and claim any weekly prizes.

These logs will not be available after July 27. Remember the last day to submit your logs is August 10.

**Link for the logs will be added starting on June 10**

Who can participate?

We will have programs for three different age groups.

  • Emerging Readers – For babies through preschool
    • What if my little one is too young to do an activity?
      • If your little one is too young to do the activities on their own, parents can adapt them by doing the activities themselves alongside their child.
      • For example, if the activity says, “Tell a grown up a story,” parents can instead tell a story to their child.
        • How does that help? Talking is one of the 5 early literacy practices. It builds a bond between child and caregiver, but also helps them understand vocabulary, comprehension, and language development.
      • Have fun finding creative ways to interpret the activities with your little one.
    • Elementary – For youth entering grades K-5
    • Teens – For young adults entering in grades 6-12

How does the program work?

Your log has two sides: a reading side and an activity side.

The Reading Side

  • Children will write in the minutes they read or are read to between June 17– August 4.
    • For School-Age [K-5] and Teen [6-12] logs participants will write in the number of minutes they read or are read to each day of the week.
    • For Emerging Readers [Birth– PreK] children have the option to color in the specially marked reading square which would represent the 30 minutes they are read to OR they can write in the minutes in like the School-Age and Teens

The Activity Side

  • Children will color in the square of each activity that they complete.

How do these Tickets work?

  • There are 2 tickets on your log. A “Reading Ticket” and an “Activity Ticket.”
  • However, children in grades K-12 can earn up to 3 raffle tickets. Emerging readers will only get 2 tickets.
  • Tickets are for Grade level prizes. We will not be having a Grand Prize this year across all grade levels.
  • Children can return each week to show their progress, have their logs stamped, and select a weekly prize from our treasure chest. Teens [Grades 6-12] will select a random prize from our prize jar.
  • After a participant’s 3rd visit or when the reading log is stamped 3 times, their “Reading” ticket will be cut off the log and submitted for the grade level prize. Your visit to get the log does not count as your first visit on the log.
    • If there are more than 1 Grade Level Prize, participants are instructed to write in the prize they would like to win on their tickets.
  • Complete all of the activities on the activity side of your log to have your “Activity” ticket removed from your log
  • For K-12 participants [School-Aged and Teen readers]: Set and meet your minute/ reading goal for the summer to receive a 3rd raffle ticket. Please note that this extra Raffle Ticket is not included on the log itself, but will be given to the reader at the end of the program between August 5-10.
  • Grade-level prizes will be pulled on Tuesday, August 13.

What counts toward your reading time?

  • Fiction? Counts!
  • Non-fiction? Counts!
  • Audiobooks? Counts. Check out our online audiobooks through CloudLibrary and Hoopla.
  • What about the Kids’ Audio Players like Yoto, Toniebox, and Storypods? As long as it is a story they count too!
  • Ebooks? Definitely counts! Check out our online ebooks through CloudLibrary and Hoopla.
    • Remember your school libraries may also have some great eBook and eAudiobook options too.
  • Graphic novels? Absolutely counts!
  • Magazines? It counts too! Check out our online magazine through Flipster.
  • Reading to someone? Yes, it counts!
  • What if I cannot read for myself, but someone reads to me? That counts too! This includes all of our story time programs.

If you are reading this summer, it counts! You can even enter different reading programs. If you have one at school, reading counts for both. For emerging readers not yet reading on their own, log the time that others are reading to them.

We do not care what you read or how long (though we recommend 20-30 minutes a day for growing minds)--we just care that you are reading this summer!

Are there prizes?

You bet there are! Each week, children can return their logs to select a weekly prize from our treasure chest– while supplies last! For our Teens we have a prize jar and they will select a prize at random.

We also have grade level prize raffles along with our weekly prizes. The winners are selected from the age groups mentioned above, and the amount of grade level prizes vary between the age groups. All prizes must be picked up at the library (we are unable to mail prizes).

We will have 4 grade level prizes for Elementary readers, 2 grade level prizes for Emerging Readers, and 3 for Teens. Please see the raffle prizes below.

** Pictures of prizes will be uploaded starting on June 3rd**

For Teens the grade level prizes are the winner's choice of a $50 gift card OR two tickets to the PA Renaissance Fair (valid for August 22 only). The random weekly prizes include items like: small gift cards to stores and shops in Warminster, buttons, a free book, etc.

How do I complete the program?

The point of the program is not to necessarily complete it. Our goal is to help children create healthy reading habits and get them excited about reading. With that in mind, we have our “Reading Goals.” This only applies to kids entering grades K-12.

When a reader completes their reading goal, which is personal to each child and created by each child, then they will receive a final raffle ticket towards their grade level prizes.

Reading Goals do not need to be a specific minute amount. It can be as simple as reading for 20 minutes a day or reading for 100 minutes a week (equal to 20 minutes/5 days a week). Reading goals should be achievable, but still something to strive for. So think Goldilocks; a reading goal shouldn’t be too hard or too easy, but just right.

And great news! If you are unable to pick up a log in the beginning and end up starting the program a little later in the summer, you can still set a reading goal for the time you have left in the program.

Because this is a reading goal for the entire summer, it can only be claimed starting on week 7 or after August 4. Participants will earn their extra raffle ticket and get a free book.

 Events and Programs

We have a full calendar of events and programs going on all summer long. For more information check out our calendar here.

Thanks to our sponsors!

Warminster Township Free Library’s Summer Reading Program is sponsored and made possible by The Friends of the Warminster Library.

► Story Time Programs

If you would like to register for an event please click here.

► School-Age Programs

If you would like to register for an event please click here.

► Teen Programs

If you would like to register for an event please click here.

► Teen Volunteering Opportunities

We have volunteering opportunities for ages 13-17 all year round. Limited spots available. Please fill out our Volunteering Application and submit to Katy Griffith [].

All volunteers must have their Teen Application and PA State Police Clearance completed prior to starting. 

If you are interested in volunteering during children’s programs, a Child Abuse Clearance will be required.

  • How to complete your Child Abuse Clearance?
    • Go to this website:
    • Click on "Create Individual Account" to create a Keystone ID
    • With that Keystone ID you will sign in by clicking on "Individual Login" 
    • Submit the clearance form. After about a week, they will send you an email. You log back in and then print out the clearance, and submit with the other paperwork.

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