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The Department of Licenses and Inspections is responsible for the issuance of all licenses, coordination of inspections, enforcement of all codes including building, zoning, use & occupancy, and various other permits. All inspections performed are to insure that buildings and properties throughout the Township are in compliance with the codes and ordinances adopted by the Township Board of Supervisors.


  • Permits are required for home improvements that involve wall removal or installation, in-law dwelling, no-impact home-based business, above ground pool (deeper than 24-inches), in-ground pool, earth disturbance (greater than 1,000 SF), HVAC, electrical or plumbing work, decks, patios, sheds or fencing.
  • A Use & Occupancy permit is required when a property is being sold.
  • A zoning permit is required for as shed of 144 SF or less. A building permit is required for a shed greater than 144 SF and footers will be required.
  • Permits are required for Commercial improvements that involve a fit out, changes to the existing layout and signage. A Use & Occupancy permit is required when a property is sold or there is a change in tenant.
  • Temporary permits are required for transient Uses, tents (greater than 10 FT x 10 FT), fencing, signage and trailers. Permit application forms and fees are available on the Township web site (www.warminstertownship.org/permits-forms) or at the License & Inspection Office located at 910 W Bristol Road.
  • Complete permit applications should be hand delivered or mailed to the Licenses & Inspection Office. There is a night drop box, prior to the gate, adjacent to the US Postal Mail box. The Township only accepts check or money orders. Code requirements are available through Code 360 at www.ecode360.com/WA2486. If you have a question as to whether a permit is required, please call the License & Inspection Office (215-443-5423).
  • Any property located in the Little Neshaminy Creek watershed that is proposing to increase the impervious coverage, will be required to install landscaping and provided a Stormwater Planting Agreement.

Warminster Township has been fortunate to be the benefactor of a substantial amount of residential and commercial development and re-development over the last ten years. The Township saw tremendous construction growth in 2021 due to the numerous housing developments approved in the last 5 years and some non-residential projects. All  of the new residential developments are fully built out. 2022 will continue to see an active construction trend as projects approved in 2021 begin construction and current homeowners continue projects at their homes. Warminster has also welcomed many new businesses in 2021 and hopes to see the trend continue in 2022, as many large vacant stores begin construction by their new owners. Check the Township’s website for Planning Commission agendas for new development applications.

Project Name Location Project Description
MARA II 1020 W. Bristol Road New office/medical office building
Evergreen Avenue Apartments 114-120 Evergreen Ave 3,000 SF Commercial Space with 3 apartments
1250 W Bristl Road 1250 W Bristol Rd 20 Townhomes
Warminster Retail Development Street & Norristown Rd 28,450SF restaurant /retail with in four (4) buildings and 23,256 sf grocery store.
50 W Street Rd Partners 50 W Street Rd 90,238 SF Warehouse addition
Pine Grove Subdivision 1475 W. County Line Road 45 Single family dwellings
Rudolph Enterprises, LLC 440 Nina Way 11,830 sf building addition
Eco-Chic Gardens 890 York Road Building expansion (138 sf), new pole barn (1,800 sf) and hoop house (800 sf)
Locort, LLC Lot 15 Nina Way 16,245 sf New industrial building
900 York Rd Subdivision 900 York Road Six (6) new single family dwellings and restore existing

For all inspection scheduling (except where noted below for electrical inspections) 

Contact Information: Department of Licenses & Inspections
910 West Bristol Road
Warminster, PA 18974
Phone: 215-443-5423 | Fax: 215-443-7911
Email: lipermits@warminsterpa.org

Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM-4:00 PM

Below are direct dials for specific questions for codes and ordinances.
Zoning Officer (Gary Smith)
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Phone: 267-317-1377
Email: zoning@warminsterpa.org

Residential & Commercial Building Plan Reviews and Inspections
The following inspectors are responsible for the plan reviews and inspections of Warminster Township.
To schedule BUILDING inspections as noted on the inspection sheet included with permit:  215-443-5423
Download permit forms from this website to begin the process for submittal

Building Code Official
David Tweed, Building Inspector
Phone: 267-317-1376
Email: inspector@warminsterpa.org

ELECTRICAL PERMITS:  Applications for permits are submitted directly to the Department of Licenses & Inspections.  The following Third Party Electrical Inspection Agency will schedule and perform the inspections after the permit is approved and issued.  Download permit forms from this website.

United Inspection Agency
Contact: 215-542-9977


Resale Housing Occupancy Certificate
Phone: 215-443-5423
Email: lipermits@warminsterpa.org
Download application packet:  Housing Occupancy Certification for Sale

Warminster Municipal Authority
Sale or Transfer of a Property Procedure (separate from Township requirements)
Phone: 215-675-3301

Rental License for RESIDENTIAL properties
Phone: 215-443-5423
Email: rentals@warminsterpa.org
Download application packet:  Rental License Application

Property Maintenance – Service Request
Phone: 215-443-5423
Email: lipermits@warminsterpa.org

Fire Inspections:  Emergency Management & Services
Phone: 215-443-5414
Email: fire@warminsterpa.org


The PA Home Improvement Act 132 that becomes effective 7/1/09 requires that all contractors who enter into a contract with a homeowner for work more than $500.00 shall be required to register with the Commonwealth.  Contact:  www.attorneygeneral.gov for details.

Contact the Department of Licenses & Inspections at 215-443-5423 to check that the contractor you decide to use is also registered with Warminster Township.

2015 Construction Codes

Beginning on March 21, 2019 the 2015 Edition of the International Code Series will be the code requirements for all construction taking place within Warminster Township as required by the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code. Please note the Accessibility Code will remain the ICC A117.1 2015 Edition. Any work that has a valid permit, construction plans under review, or an executed contract for design prior to March 21, 2019 may follow the 2009 Editions. Copies of the 2015 Editions are available for review at the Licenses and Inspections Office at 910 W. Bristol Road, Warminster PA 18974. The code books may also be purchased at 2015 ICC Store. Should you have any questions please contact the Building Code Official at (215) 443-5423.